Asbestos Inspection & Testing

Our energetic team have over 10 years experience in asbestos inspection and testing, removal and disposal and demolition and we’re keen to help you rid your premises of Asbestos.

Is that Asbestos?

It’s not until you want to change something that most people need to worry about Asbestos in their property. If any Asbestos product is covered and sealed (like with Paint) it can be left there but as soon as you have to remove, change, drill into, sand it can be very dangerous to work with because of it’s fibrous nature.

Many people are confused as to whether they have Asbestos in their house because it looks similar to other common building products and that’s where we can help.

If you need to do a renovation, extension, modify or even tear something down and you need some help in identifying and removing Asbestos please Request a Quote.

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The most complex part of any Asbestos project is the removal and disposal because it involve partial demolition and we must meet the strict safety requirements of our licence.